To achieve success in life all you need is Self Development. Self Development in other words can be described as personality development.It can be achieved by self improvement. Self development is a process of aiming towards a successful life .For adopting a positive mindset, changing for the better and building new dreams. We can achieve self improvement by inculcating a… read more

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  • LARAVEL-Best PHP framework

    Laravel is a web application framework that has expressive syntax. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks .It is used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Using the framework and gaining the complete knowledge of it, helps you in an efficient way to do all this stuff… read more

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  • Exam tips for school students

    Exam tips for school students-We all suffer with lot of stress and pressure during exams and difficulties while dealing with it. We cannot run away from stress but we can reduce it at an extent. So today here are some tips can be wonderful exam tips for school students. 1)Balanced Diet : Eating healthy diet is very essential. It helps in… read more

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    The top 3 computer technologies of 2018 -Technology is changing at a faster rate. As the time changes, the change in the technology is required. The current technology is over driven by upcoming technology. The top 3 computer technologies of 2018 are as- 1)AI (Artificial Intelligence)  – One the latest computer technology that is ruling the world. Also known as… read more


    Text editors are nothing but a computer program. The typical features of a text editor are – find and replace, cut copy and paste, text formatting, undo and redo, data transformation, filtering, Syntax highlighting, extensible. You all might be aware of the difference between the plane text and rich text. Plain text is created and edited by text editors where… read more

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