Text editors are nothing but a computer program. The typical features of a text editor are – find and replace, cut copy and paste, text formatting, undo and redo, data transformation, filtering, Syntax highlighting, extensible.

You all might be aware of the difference between the plane text and rich text. Plain text is created and edited by text editors where as rich text is created by word processor or desktop publishing software.

We can classify the editors into the following types as the source code editors ,folding editors , IDEs ( integrated development environments) , outliners , collaborative editors ,simultaneous editing text editor and distraction- free editor.

Now being a developer you always find the need of best tools for development purpose it can be a text editor, a library to manage task , a Framework that is building up to your next project and so on. Finding the perfect text editor that will help your development is a tough task.

We are discussing the best text editors for coders as

1. Sublime text editor
It is a source code editor that is based on the python API that is Python application programming interface. many programming languages and markup languages and functions are supported by sublime text editor it is community build and maintained under free software licences.

The best feature of the version 2 of sublime text editor is that it contains 23 visual different themes with the option to download also the sublime text editor version 2 offers on number of screen modes that will show up to 4 files at a time on full screen. It also enables a feature of column selection and multi select editing also added by auto completion.

2. Atom
atom is also a famous text editor that I would like to recommend you all if you are just beginning with development. It is a general purpose editor and the modular editor built using HTML CSS and JavaScript on top of chromium and node. js. It is also recognized as the hack able text editor of the 21st century in when it was introduced year ago with being focused on a hack able text editor. It somehow resembles sublime text and provide similar features to sublime.

The prons of atom are firstly it is open source software that is it is free, secondly it enables tons of packages that you can use for development, thirdly it is a hack able and offers GIT control and it is easily picked up by the beginner. the only. Where the atom lacks is it cannot handle large files and it consumes a large memory.

3. Brackets
brackets also finds demand in web development market it is a modular and their body into digital that is built on using HTML CSS and JavaScript on top of chromium embedded framework.

The best feature of the brackets is added focus on web design and it is a powerful text editor secondly it is a very lightweight software and it offers live reviews. It also support inline editors and comes with inbuilt extension manager for easy handling. It is modern and offers great user interface.Where bracket slacks is its Limited support for web languages and it is not up to the level with other text editor commands and functionality.

4. Visual Studio code
Microsoft initiative Visual Studio code helps developers to code without downloading the massive VS editions.

Visual Studio code is an extensible code editor.It supports web development operations like debugging task running and version control and many more.In 2018 stack overflow vs code was ranked the most popular developing environmental tool.Citizen small in size and also available in portable versions supporting 30 + languages but it needs extension support and updation on Linux.

5. Notepad++ 
Notepad Plus is also an open source software that is available in the market and code is used for constructing the code. the best part of the Notepad ++ is that it can manage huge files without any rendering and clashes. Notepad ++ is a Microsoft Windows application. Notepad ++ uses scintilla editor component.

Notepad ++ is mainly in use due to its Syntax folding and syntax highlighting feature and also auto completion of words functions and much more it comes with extensible plugins. Notepad ++ needs improvement on the user interface that is the only drawback of Notepad++.

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