The top 3 computer technologies of 2018 -Technology is changing at a faster rate. As the time changes, the change in the technology is required. The current technology is over driven by upcoming technology. The top 3 computer technologies of 2018 are as-

1)AI (Artificial Intelligence)

 – One the latest computer technology that is ruling the world. Also known as machine intelligence, demonstrated by machine is in contrast to human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence was invented by John Mccarthy and American computer scientist 1956. In today’s world Artificial Intelligence has gained huge Fame. Artificial intelligence uses data more efficiently and bring more out of data. Artificial Intelligence has been a topic of constant research.

The problem artificial researchers face include many problems.They are- the reasoning problem, the learning and planning problem. Artificial Intelligence’s goal is to make computers and machines work in a manner like a human being. Artificial Intelligence has got a number of tools that’s all the way Facebook in computer science field.

2)Cloud Computing

 It is also a major field of computer science. Computing is a way to share system resources and services. It helps in achieving delivering information services from the internet through and applications opposite to a direct connection server. Cloud computing is popular due to the cost , speed , Global scale, productivity, performance and reliability. Cloud Computing services can be operated in three modes. They are public ,private and hybrid. Cloud computing has created many jobs in the IT sector a large number benefiting large number of developers and coders.

A hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud and private cloud. It enables both the features that is date and applications a business organisation and third party it gives greater flexibility and a wider view.

3)Angular and react

– JavaScript frameworks have got huge demand in the recent past. The popular JavaScript frameworks are react, angular, VUE. Angular is a framework rubber is Google whereas react is a JavaScript Framework whose developer is Facebook. Angular JavaScript enables two way data binding whereas react enables data Binding in one way.

AngularJS auto manages the data dependencies where as react needs to manage data dependency using additional tools and plugins. Angular JS is a full-fledged MVC framework. AngularJS is written in two languages that is JavaScript and HTML whereas Turn in JavaScript + jsx. latest version of AngularJS in the IT industry is AngularJS 1.6.0 RC2 react find the latest version React 15.


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