Physical fitness

When we talk about physical fitness. Most people think fitness is all about doing physical activity, or eating healthy stuffs, or meditation i.e. mental stuff

But what if we combine all these?

That’s what it will cause the complete fitness of an individual. Being physically, mentally fit is necessary if we want to increase our life span. Our body and mind are strongly connected. If we don’t focus on mental fitness , we will suffer physically too along with mental state. And if we don’t focus on physical fitness, mental state will also suffer along with physical one.

Our body also works on the principle of law of KARMA. We reap what we sow, as simple as that!
Bad lifestyle of eating will cause diseases in future for sure. So what’s the reason that our body in old age suffers with diseases and problems?

Here is the answer:

The food which we eat becomes what we are. if we eat banana, we become banana, if we drink milk, we become milk. So, in old age our organs and body parts tends to get weaker, so if we don’t focus on overall fitness in younger age, it will have that impact of our body and mind. it’s just like what kind of servicing you’re are doing for your vehicles , like car , bike etc. bad service with bad equipments and bad oil (food of machine) will decrease the life of machine.

So , focus on what you eat, how you eat, what you do with this body. How much efforts you put to make this body healthy and fit. How you train your mind.

These all things are as important as earning a lot of money.

Various kind of practices can be done to make our self fit , just like meditation, yoga at home, joining some fitness club, institute, classes etc. You never know what is going inside your body, maintaining your overall fitness from now onwards is the best option.

Research says , doing all this will never create any kind of mess in your life, no stress, tension, and helps to run your life smoothly.

As I said , you can related a machine to the human body, you’ll understand things in much better way then.
An initial spark , a reason ( strong enough) is required to understand the importance of fitness , and I think the harmful effects of bad lifestyle are enough to do so.

The great saying:

HEALTH IS WEALTH will never get old!

Thank you

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  1. Namra says:

    I don’t exactly feel that I’ll become a banana if I eat a banana, haha, but I think you have some really motivational points here, and I should absolutely think more about what I eat. Everything is connected in a way, and I totally agree on that focusing on fitness now is kind of an investment in the future, that it will impact our bodies later on.

  2. Kris Morgan says:

    Very intuitive article. Very well put.

  3. Heather says:

    If I am what I eat then I am definitely coffee every morning! LOL

  4. Christa says:

    Having an integrative approach to health and wellness is wonderful. As a personal trainer and yoga instructor, I think it is so important to consider every aspect of a person.

  5. Geraline Batarra says:

    This is such a great post, simple and short but very informative. These are things that always need to remember by many. I will definitely go back to my daily workout. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jojo Hua says:

    I agree with this because physical fitness includes all of the 3 things you mentioned. And I believe physical fitness is also a mindset and lifestyle.

  7. Michelle says:

    Thank you for your post. As a nurse I am frequently telling people that it’s not just one area but the whole being that must change to make a real difference.

  8. Trina Dinnar says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more from you. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This reminds me of Bruce Leeโ€™s classic interview โ€“ be water, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    Physical fitness is something i have to work at. I really have to change my mindset and set goals. I am using an app that is really helping me to change my mindset about what I eat which leads to the the physical fitness portion.

  11. I agree with your point of view about physical fitness. Itโ€™s really important, we need to be serious . Thanks for sharing !

  12. Fibi says:

    I am agree with you the article of physical fitness. But I dont think of If I eat peach then I will become a peach hahaha

  13. Asking Minds says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful post regarding Physical fitness. Everyone should follow this in todayโ€™s life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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