Anxieties of any nature can take a toll on you. 10 deal with the “them and sort yourself out, understanding of the problem is a must. Here is all the info along with indole solutions.
We all suffer from anxiety to a certain degree but for some it can get worse. Moreover, anxiety attacks play out differently for different people. It could be about being in a group of people you haven’t interacted with before, or about the way you look. Little do we realise that our anxieties mostly stem from our own fears of what will happen in a particular situation and how flawed we see ourselves as. The first step is to identify the anxiety we are dealing with and then working towards finding solution is a sensible thing to do. Check about these 4 types of anxiety and what you can do to fight with them and come out stronger.


WHAT DO you do when you enter a room full of people you haven’t met before? You get a major anxiety attack? If you are suffering from this anxiety, in all likelihood you plan your conversations in your head, over and over again in order to look confident. Right? Well, experts believe that people stuck in positive such a situation should walk up to people without script leaving the conversation in their head. Try to have as many one on one chats as you can and listen attentively. Respond in a prompt manner without fretting too much. Make eye contact and tell yourself that you are not awkward. Smile and be yourself and all will be well!


YOU FEEL you are least interesting person among people know and meeting them will make them see through you and judge you. You fear they will think you are incompetent, boring or just not cool enough. This self loathing can be really harmful. Ever asked yourself if you meet people with a precondition that they should be super smart and flawless? No, right? Same applies to you. Your internal monologue with self needs to change. Be positive.


WHEN YOUR anxiety is about how you look, you tend to notice the smallest of pimples or marks on your face and blow it up so much in your head that you fear that it’s the only thing people will notice about you. You worry about your weight, your hair type and so on. Stop the negative talk with your brain, the more you try to cover up your flaws, the more you will end up highlighting them. Accept your flaws and you will feel beautiful.


EVER FELT anxious about your anxiety? If yes, you fear that others will see right through you and know that you are suffering from anxiety, which will then make things terrible. This sort of anxiety can get really bad, as it can even show visible signs on the face. Some people sweat thinking about it, others get red flashes on their face. Such people want to be unnoticed and the fear travels in loop. What to do? Many people suffer from this anxiety to some extent. The solution is to try to distract yourself by engaging in healthy conversations with friends and hobbies, and you will see these signs of anxiety fading away.

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